blue_cage: (hey can you keep a secret?)
blue_cage ([personal profile] blue_cage) wrote2012-07-23 03:53 pm

alive again. barely

So yes, I live because deathmatch, and I find it funny that I return in time for Mercury Retrograde to be under full-effect, so if I am sporadic that could be it.

Schadenfraude I received a frantic text from a friend about Matt Bomer being cast as Christian Grey for the film of the horror that is the gratuitous fanfic redux and she was like, NOW I HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE :c And I offered to watch the movie with her if it turned out to be true. Thank God it was a hoax but she's still holding on to that text I made just in case it turns out to be true. :c

I am still sending her laughing emotes via text :D

HikaGo Deathmatch I am so obvious, you have no idea.^^;

Weather Rain, rain, and more rain. It was a rainy weekend and all I did was curl up somewhere dead to the world because it was so cold. :)

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