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This is Zhyn's world, which while limited in view, lets her fly.

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reaching out to tell a tale
Hi, ZK here on dreamwidth. Most of you probably found me because I have the exact same account on lj. Welcome to my world here in dreamwidth

to the other worlds
I'm still working on the links, but here, have a link to my deviantart account.
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- I need to work on that seaweed pirate HikaGo AU
- You really can hold a conversation by just going through the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody one by one.
- Can you please send Tari back I miss her already :(

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Last one till the finals Hikago Deathmatch match 5.5 is live! Go vote?

It's the deathmatch that won't eeeeeend XD;

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Gosh. Gosh I don't even know how I will survive this weeks DM round :') Suddenly excitement because multimedia in droves I guess :D

One photo from a recent shoot: Charlotte from Madoka Read more... )

Okay I dug out this set of silly and SO NSFW Hikago doodles I made because of chat. I don't even....

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On second thought: I might as well go out with a bang :3c

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Yes, I'm alive, everyone in my family's safe though we've had a bit of a flooding issue and my aunt said there was also flooding in my grandfather's place. We're on high ground, thank goodness.

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Kinda photo heavy ^^;

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Hikaru no Go Deathmatch round 2 entries are up! I wonder if I'm in this round? :3c

Convention in a couple of hours Right now my arms are numb because I just finished some turntables for our Militarystuck!Dave. The weight distribution is shot so they tilt but they're the best I can do. I might go as Militarystuck!Gamzee (I've worn it before but this time I have two sets of horns because I keep breaking my paperclay ones ._.) and maybe I can work on a quick pair of pants, better than the leggings I've been using ^^; It'll be a while till I dress up as Gamzee after this - I'm waiting for confirmation for when we're doing something based on the Serendipity Gospels or Hemostuck. ^^;

I'll put time to describe local conventions in some other post. Suffice to say it's not like what you might expect if you've been to overseas conventions.

Rain Been having quite a bit of rain over this weekend - enough for me to change my initial plan of going to work. >_>; I'll be sneaking in a couple of hours before I go to the convention.

Tired Spent most of the afternoon shooting a friend. Said friend will be moving to the province in the middle of August, so we're cramming all the shoots we can. I'm currently editing stuff, but here's her Sakura from Naruto:

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So yes, I live because deathmatch, and I find it funny that I return in time for Mercury Retrograde to be under full-effect, so if I am sporadic that could be it.

Schadenfraude I received a frantic text from a friend about Matt Bomer being cast as Christian Grey for the film of the horror that is the gratuitous fanfic redux and she was like, NOW I HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE :c And I offered to watch the movie with her if it turned out to be true. Thank God it was a hoax but she's still holding on to that text I made just in case it turns out to be true. :c

I am still sending her laughing emotes via text :D

HikaGo Deathmatch I am so obvious, you have no idea.^^;

Weather Rain, rain, and more rain. It was a rainy weekend and all I did was curl up somewhere dead to the world because it was so cold. :)

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Stuff I have been busy with for the past few months! Also this is an image-heavy post and may contain some stuff from my tumblr!


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