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2013-03-05 08:18 am

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- I need to work on that seaweed pirate HikaGo AU
- You really can hold a conversation by just going through the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody one by one.
- Can you please send Tari back I miss her already :(
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2012-08-31 05:41 pm

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2012-08-27 05:00 pm

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Last one till the finals Hikago Deathmatch match 5.5 is live! Go vote?

It's the deathmatch that won't eeeeeend XD;
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2012-08-17 05:08 pm

the longest week

Gosh. Gosh I don't even know how I will survive this weeks DM round :') Suddenly excitement because multimedia in droves I guess :D

One photo from a recent shoot: Charlotte from Madoka Read more... )
Okay I dug out this set of silly and SO NSFW Hikago doodles I made because of chat. I don't even....

Read more... )
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2012-08-15 05:55 am

a thought

On second thought: I might as well go out with a bang :3c
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2012-08-08 03:50 pm

quick post to say

Yes, I'm alive, everyone in my family's safe though we've had a bit of a flooding issue and my aunt said there was also flooding in my grandfather's place. We're on high ground, thank goodness.
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2012-07-26 02:53 am

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Hikaru no Go Deathmatch round 2 entries are up! I wonder if I'm in this round? :3c

Convention in a couple of hours Right now my arms are numb because I just finished some turntables for our Militarystuck!Dave. The weight distribution is shot so they tilt but they're the best I can do. I might go as Militarystuck!Gamzee (I've worn it before but this time I have two sets of horns because I keep breaking my paperclay ones ._.) and maybe I can work on a quick pair of pants, better than the leggings I've been using ^^; It'll be a while till I dress up as Gamzee after this - I'm waiting for confirmation for when we're doing something based on the Serendipity Gospels or Hemostuck. ^^;

I'll put time to describe local conventions in some other post. Suffice to say it's not like what you might expect if you've been to overseas conventions.

Rain Been having quite a bit of rain over this weekend - enough for me to change my initial plan of going to work. >_>; I'll be sneaking in a couple of hours before I go to the convention.

Tired Spent most of the afternoon shooting a friend. Said friend will be moving to the province in the middle of August, so we're cramming all the shoots we can. I'm currently editing stuff, but here's her Sakura from Naruto:

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2012-07-23 03:53 pm

alive again. barely

So yes, I live because deathmatch, and I find it funny that I return in time for Mercury Retrograde to be under full-effect, so if I am sporadic that could be it.

Schadenfraude I received a frantic text from a friend about Matt Bomer being cast as Christian Grey for the film of the horror that is the gratuitous fanfic redux and she was like, NOW I HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE :c And I offered to watch the movie with her if it turned out to be true. Thank God it was a hoax but she's still holding on to that text I made just in case it turns out to be true. :c

I am still sending her laughing emotes via text :D

HikaGo Deathmatch I am so obvious, you have no idea.^^;

Weather Rain, rain, and more rain. It was a rainy weekend and all I did was curl up somewhere dead to the world because it was so cold. :)
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2012-05-07 06:52 pm

It's a photo post

Stuff I have been busy with for the past few months! Also this is an image-heavy post and may contain some stuff from my tumblr!

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2012-05-06 03:26 pm

HK and now back to the fold.

So everybody, everywhere
Don't be afraid, don't have no fear
I'm gonna tell the world, make you understand
As long as there'll be musicfandom, we'll be comin' back again

Shoot have I been neglectful of this side of the fandom or what? Fortunately dreamwidth works at work (for now!) even if lj doesn't, so I can post. And boy do I have something to post!

My sis, her friend and I went to HongKong last March for something really special. Like epic special - like I will never forget it for the rest of my life sort of special. I saw Hyde for reals and he is as beautiful as his pics, except he's real and Ken and - /squees.

L'arc~en~Ciel and the rest of the HK trip under the cut.  )
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2011-09-16 08:40 am

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Work A somber mood has descended, the honeymoon is over, etc., etc. They're downsizing the company's support group which meant our supervisor spoke with some of us to let them go or to let them move to another support dept. ._.; I'm still here, somehow, though this uncertain air is wrecking havoc

Blind Go I may finally have a story to tell. I'm still waiting for it to develop further in my head, but if it doesn't work out I may have to do a previously abandoned idea. ._.;

Remaining cosplay plans for the year TnB's Antonio (apparently I can make myself look manly enough, though we're joking about the chest hair part in facebook) (Cosmania Day 1), [C]'s Masakaki, Dekiwaku Hiyama Kiyoteru (Cosmania Day 2?). This Sunday I'm going as Nyotalia!Russia but I'm still sewing, and keeping my fingers crossed I will finish on time to go to Best of Anime/Manila bookfair. Cosmania plans are easy to do since a. I'm gonna help our group prepare since two of them might enter the individual cosplay contest b. I have the camera with me, and I want to take pictures of the cosplayers. I wish I had a Gakupo to go with for the Dekiwaku cosplay, but *shrugs*

In other news: the English translation of vocaloid's Kiyoteru and Gakupo's Dekiwaku (溺惑) makes me giggle and squirm. I'm like, "Really, now, sensei~♥?!"
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2011-08-21 06:26 am

Other than blind_go, well.

There is definitely some hate happening on me when it comes to the internet. I can't post on lj, on ij, but I hafta pimp this out.

signups on livejournal | signups on insanejournal
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2011-08-01 12:11 pm

(no subject)

Livejournal's troubles and our internet issues caused me to be offline for quite a bit, even when I intended to be post here more. ._. Talk about bad timing. I'll catch up in a bit, friends ^_^;;

Random stuff I've been drawing - Barnaby from Tiger and Bunny
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2011-05-26 05:50 pm

(no subject)

Hey! I'm still alive~! *invokes Portal 2 ending song xD* LJ's been wonky lately on my end, or maybe it's my internet. *shrugs* We really should get DSL for the house one of these days. Had a bit of fun around Rapture last Saturday because I was on my way home at 6pm and I looked up at the sky for five minutes, before going "Huh. Just like May 6 2000." and went off my merry way.

Recently I keep falling asleep the moment I get home. It's very annoying, because it throws me off schedule. :| I've been meaning to test the sewing machine again and practicing for a skit for the next Toycon but - *shrugs* We only have less than a month or so to go.

Random thought: It's a good think Hetalia's and HikaGo's timelines are at odds, or you can imagine Shindou invoking Poland's rule during haya-go with Fukui:

Shindou: I won't give up!
Fukui: Hey, I know what you're up to!
Shindou: Poland's rule!
Fukui: That's cheating!
Shindou: Nu-uh. It's gonna be my turn forever!
Fukui: Let me invoke Estonia's rule then: SHINNNNDOOOOOOUUUU~!

(Obviously this will never work in canon, or with Touya I have no idea if Hikaru would even try.)

Rec for the day:
APH fancomic HRE-Germany goes to Venice to see North Italy during Carnivale.

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2011-05-20 01:50 pm

BG Reveals, fic rambling.

[ profile] blind_go reveals are up! I think I was fairly obvious with my choice of characters to write, but then who knows? This is Kakurenbo who wrote The Cat Coalition and Two paths.

The Cat Coalition was easier to write - I adore cats and when I was younger would do pretty much what Kaneko did in the fic. And at the back of my head I kept thinking that there were other people in the HikaGo 'verse who are associated with cats, like Mitani, for example! He had his slanted eyes and that chapter page where he was handing a fish bone to a cat. ^_^ I kept the story simple - like how a child would remember what was happening. I have to admit that my first thought about the ending was getting the cat run over during a rainy afternoon (!!!) but I'm glad I went with the Mitani adopting the cat route. I might've traumatize Kaneko for life otherwise D:

So the second fic, Two paths, is one of those fics I've wanted to write but never got the chance to do so. Be around me long enough and you'll notice that Ogata/Shirakawa is actually my OTP (!) despite having written weird stuff for Ogata to fap over. If there were equivalent people for the Morishita and Touya stables, Ogata and Shirakawa would be the ones for each other, etc. *is slightly going off-topic here so -*

But! The fic itself didn't hint at there being a pairing for the two. (Well not yet, anyway!) What I definitely wanted to showcase was the difference in how the two were portrayed to love the game, so I made Shirakawa grow to like the game naturally, whilst Ogata passion for the game stemmed from his focus being directed to it from early on. If Ogata sounded boring, I'm so sorry! He learned his bad boy pimping ways when he was an adult. Totally from other Meijin students or even the Meijin himself, ahahahaha

Well, I hope you didn't mind my ramblings! ^_^
I've created a tumblr full of random stuff not-so-recently. Idek why I have one ahahahaha~
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2011-05-13 09:30 am
Entry tags:

Busy days ahead -

Hi, I’m posting at work and kinda half out of my mind (rating is hell O_o) so some of these will not make sense. But hey, did anything special happen to you this Friday the 13th? The only crappy thing that happened was the Seattle’s Best barista forgot to give a fork for the sans rival, and the cover for my Raspberry Kiss Mocha was a bit loose. ^^;

Music Currently glutting on NICO touches the wall and School Food Punishment, the bands I recommended over at lj the other day. Right now I have almost all the singles from SFP, but having problems getting stuff for NICO aside from one single. ^^;;

This weekend is going to be a bit busy, based on the to-do list I made. I have a couple of things I need to do for local fen and coworkers, and I need to make sure I do as trixie reminded me and go on determining who won the themes challenge in this round of blind_go. Also, I'm going home later than usual tomorrow morning; I plan to wait till the malls open so I can look for a wig and appropriate cloth for my sister (June cosplay plans : Fantasia Russia with a Ukraine! And Succession!Austria) as well as to ask our neighbor to sew the Austria coat and inner vest since it’s beyond my meager sewing skills. Then I’ll meet the rest of the war of Succession Group on Sunday to schedule practice and other important tasks just to cover all the bases. And I do plan to sleep sometime as well. >_>

Speaking of blind_go: I spent my whole fx ride to work reading through blind_go round 3’s chat, and found out that I seem to owe people the following chat prompts. I think they’re from muri, tari, ver, imbrii, ai, and other people. I’m not indicating who asked for what especially for the latter half.

That was the same chat where people got assigned a HikaGo character, and why I was listed as Tsutsui and Ver as Isumi. I think it wasn’t the same chat that made us cousins, though! xD
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2011-05-10 10:34 am

Quick music share from C the Money of Soul and Possibility of Control

C: the Money of Soul and Possibility of Control is currently one of the series I'm following this season. I've got five others (Kaminomi, Sekaiichi, Deadman and Ao no Exorcist and Zexal) but I really like the opening and ending theme for this particular series, so I waited for someone to up a full version somewhere.

Yes, you read the title right. People duel with money. Not the money you have right now, but the money your future potential is worth. A penniless Economics student named Yoga Kimimaro is chosen to duel by a representative of the Midas Bank at random.

You'd freak out too if a pink-haired dude in a tophat pops out of nowhere. >_>

His potential takes the shape of a fighter that is called an Asset (you probably expected that ahahaha!) he calls Mashu. Attacks and defense are called out during a Deal, and the numbers are taken from your potential. If you win, your potential increases. So it's like dealing in the stock market, with fighting. ^^;

Kimimaro + Mashu.

Anyway, you're not here for me to flail over it. You're here for the music, right?

NICO touches the Wall - Matoryoshika
The OP Theme. Reminds me a bit of Heidi from Maid-sama (the ending theme Yokan) but with a lighter vibe.
school food punishment - RPG
The ED theme. This is a PV Rip.
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2011-05-09 11:30 am

May 8 2011: reporting with pics. And stuff. And cosplay.

Warning: Pic heavy post, random ramblings, family (my ugly mug! xD) and cosplay under the cut.

May 8 2011: Bulacan + Metrocomicon 2011 Day 2 )
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2011-05-05 02:45 pm

quick icon dump

Blind Go Fics are UP! You can find them here and omg so excited! I'll be making a guessing post soon, but first let me unload what happens when Photoshop is open and chat is open and yeaaah.

BG Chat icons

Blind Go survivors icons

I'll post them to kifu_archive once I have more than ten of them, which should be around tomorrow at the rate I'm churning them out ^^;